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Look to the Universe

Have immense amounts of fun exploring the world through the heavens. Astronomaly is a location-based adventure game that generates a coordinant (Astro-Point) using astronomical and astrological data. Rinse and repeat. You may discover ancient relics from our past, spiritual or even extraterrestrial correlations, universal guidance, and much much more. What are you waiting for, the galaxy is waiting.

Find Something Out of This World!

Astronomaly is a fun new interactive adventure location-based game from the stars! With the universe at your fingertips anything is possible. Are you ready to explore the cosmos? Be sure to stay tuned for when the Beta Releases! Join the waiting-list by signing up to our newsletter.

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Coming to Android and IOS App Stores Soon!

Going on a Mission is as easy as selecting an Objective, receiving a reading, and generating an Astro-Point.

Every mission is packed with fun extra features, such as local astrology chart map overlay, star chart map overlay, and a moon phase widget. Whether you are looking for signs from the past, signals from the present, or symbols from the future, Astronomaly has you covered!

objective screen in the app


Pick from a list of objective types that will influence the way you're reading and Astro-Point are manifested into the universe. You are then to imagine what your objective is in your head and help the universe see what you seek from it.

reading screen in the app


Once you select an objective, it is time to receive your reading. Your reading may give you insight into your journey, so be sure to go over the details by double tapping on the card or card description at any time.

mission screen in the app


Next generate an Astro-Point and see where the universe takes you. You can access other features, interact with the map, and open navigation to your point through your default map app by clicking the Astro-Point marker.

Extra Features

moon-phase screen in the app


Check the phase of the moon at any moment on your cosmic journey.

natal-chart screen in the app


Use local Astrology as a compass to help navigate you through your mission.

sky-map screen in the app


Use Astronomy to help guide you along your path during your adventures.

Astronomy & Astrology

Get location coordinates generated for you from the stars!

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